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Development & Aims

With philosophy, history and art as the cornerstone of our department, appropriate approaches to learning are created to cultivate talents with logistical thinking, humanistic concern, aesthetic concepts, and practical skills in interdisciplinary fields.
Our department aims to increase students’ ability to grasp the pulse of society, focusing on the basics of liberal arts and lifting the limitations on academic boundaries. Our students are free to select the main fields they would like to major in and thus have a wide range of career development. We offer four groups of courses: philosophical thinking and classics interpretation, intellectual tradition and applied history, art and visual culture, image and narrative. With a four-year plan of projects as the axis, a liberal education that integrates theory and practice is formed.
In terms of the course selection system, we loosen the traditionally strict limitations. With the freedom to choose courses, students can plan their own disciplinary study and develop comprehensive application ability in liberal arts, which is to be integrated into related professions after graduation. Furthermore, we offer diversified curricula to broaden students’ humanistic vision and aid those who aspire for further study to discover the research methods they like.