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Prospects after Graduation:
We promote learning autonomy and endeavor to cultivate talents in multidisciplinary fields. We value highly humanistic literacy and the integration of theory and practice, and we are dedicated to cultivation of innovative talents in humanity discipline. Therefore, our graduates have a wide range of career paths. They can continue with academic research via the new form of disciplinary study. Also, they can give full play to their strengths in fields such as media, project planning, cultural and creative industries and culture-related industries.
Employment Projection:
In the era of digital economy, vacancies in its related fields will be highly desirable in the next decade. The reports also stresses that digital economy is not just for students of science. Expertise in written language and visual art are also required in game industry and technology enterprises. Our department makes it a point to combine humanity and technology, academic theory, and industrial practice. By providing humanistic contents within industrial practice, students can fully demonstrate their abilities facing the transformation of industrial structure. On the other hand, national cultural conferences are held, national museums and galleries are recruiting new staff and that local galleries are to be established by such local governments as Tainan, Taichung and Taoyuan. All this indicates that there remains the demand for talents in humanistic fields with the development of society.
Careers in central organizations:
Our graduates can go into publishing industry, education industry, service industry of humanities and social sciences research and development, service industry of comprehensive research and development, and cultural sectors in government agencies or humanities research institutes of art and history in local governments.