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Our courses are divided into university requirements, department-developed common compulsory courses (foundation courses and courses of humanistic practice), department required courses and electives subjects.
The minimum graduation credits are 128. The courses mentioned above are listed as follows.

1. University requirements: Students should take Chinese, foreign languages, PE, service learning and general education courses, according to our school’s regulation of common required courses.

2. Department-developed common compulsory courses: The courses are designed with innovative teaching and application of digital materials in mind. Students should finish 12 credits of foundation courses. They can take 4 out of the 5 courses, which are to be included in department required courses. The required credits for courses of humanistic practice are to be designated when students are admitted.

3. Department required courses: The courses are aimed to transform the traditionally vertical course selection system, forming a horizontally moving helping force. Four groups of courses are designed: philosophical thinking and classics interpretation, intellectual tradition and applied history, art and visual culture, images and narration, from which students are free to choose.

4. Electives subjects: It is our goal that students plan their own interdisciplinary study and that microcredit courses are amply available. So our students have full autonomy over the choice of courses.

According to the list of our department’s course requirements: 3. credit recognition (4). related courses offered by the Chinese department, the English department and the French department and not in the above list can be recognized as credits of “images and narration” department required courses with the approval of the dean.
Those who want to have such credits recognized based on the above-mentioned regulation can submit the application of credit recognition of our department to the dean. With his/ her approval, credits will be recognized.
For credit waiver not mentioned above, please go to portal course credit waiver regulations for application.