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Department of Interdisciplinary studies is the future trend of education. Yet, we haven’t seen one in any college of liberal arts within our country that combines the disciplines of philosophy, history, art and literary practice in visual field; and nor have we seen a program curriculum that guides interdisciplinary study with the practice of projects. Hence, with the establishment of our department, we not merely aim to cultivate future human power for the society but also initiate a brand-new approach to teaching in our country.
Our department melds the film and TV equipment and research resources, which we take great pride in. The equipment includes professional experimental theater-- the Black Box Theater, Professional Drama Classroom, Film Studies Center, Laboratoire de la Lumière Magique and Research Center for Chinese and Opera, which houses the largest collection of Kunqu artifacts and documents around the country. We create practicable courses in liberal arts, and through the guidance of experienced instructors in academia and industry collaboration, cross-disciplinary dialogue between liberal arts and performing arts is realized. And the practical expertise of Taiwanese students following a liberal arts path will be enhanced accordingly.